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Football Stadium Truck Battle


ADRENALINE FILLED AMERICAN FOOTBALL MONSTER TRUCK MADNESSThe American football finals are just around the corner and it’s time to get the crowd excited.The Football arena has been transformed in a monster truck stunt arena. Let the stunt truck demolition madness begin. Make your V8 engine roar and show your audience some brutal V8 power. Show us your best precision driving demolition truck skills and make it all the way to the finish line!!MONSTER TRUCK DEMOLITION EXCITEMENT IS JUST ONE DOWNLOAD AWAY!Entertain your audience and train your monster truck driving skills each single mission. You will need your training because game missions will get tougher and tougher quick.. The more game levels you complete the more special features will show up in the various monster truck demolition stunt tracks. Sit back, relax and enjoy many hours of mobile game fun!!
Main features of American Football Stunt Truck
✔ Up to 40 different various demolition truck levels✔ Stunt in a real American Football Stadium ✔ Feel the brutal V8 monster truck power✔ Clear and complex demolition truck simulator graphics and physics✔ Ultra-detailed vehicles for demolition games missions✔ Collect and unlock all awesome demolition truck simulator trucks✔ Stunning game missions of stunt madness

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